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Ready for some summer fun?

Have a party that nobody else has ever had. Throw a Foam Party from Stormy the Family Entertainer.  

Foam Parties are sure to create memories that last a lifetime and are fun for all ages and abilities. There is no better way to beat the heat than being covered from head to toe in refreshing foam! 

Imagine Stormy filling a 20 x 20 play-space with sudsy, refreshing bubbles that your guests can play in outdoors. Stormy will bring his Foaminator and fill a backyard play space with up to 4 feet of our allergy-free, zero clean-up, environmentally friendly foam. Stormy will also bring "child friendly tunes”, including favorites like the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance and Wipe Out, as well as beach balls and inflatables.  

Although your clothes will get damp, you will not get as wet as a slip and slide or a pool. A bathing suit or athletic clothes are  recommended.  

Have a slip and slide? Stormy can use his Foaminator to fill your slip and slide with foam! 

All I need from you is water and electricity. The fee for this one hour party is $325. Additional foam time can be  added for $125/hr. 


What type of events are good for a Foam Party?

Birthday parties, Graduation Parties, Day Camps, Child Care Centers,  Block parties, Festivals, Church Groups, Vacation Bible Schools, Family Reunions, Back to School or End of Year School parties. 

How messy is a Foam Party?

Clean up is quick and easy, simply rinse off with water and the solution is gone! Depending on whether the day is arid or humid, a large amount of the water is lost through evaporation as the foam goes away.  


How to Host a Foam Party?

Get ready to play! Invite your guests (remind them to wear a bathing suit or athletic clothes), Stormy brings the equipment. He'll set it up and run it. All he needs is a water faucet and power connection within 50 feet of the setup. 

Foam parties are for events May - Mid September.

Are Foam Parties safe?

Stormy uses professional, organic soap bubbles that are 100% safe for you, your guests and the planet! Stormy's foam will not harm grass. The solutions is a foaming agent that makes bubbles with no additives in the foam solution for scent or cleaning. It is biodegradable, non toxic and hypo-allergenic. It was not harm skin, clothes, pets (they love it) or lawns.

Foam parties are a great activity for kids of all ages and abilities. It's a bubble bath minus the water!

If you choose to have a foam party and mother nature doesn't cooperate, Stormy can substitute his magic show.  


Curious as to what expect from a Foam Party?

You can expect Stormy to make this great example come to life for your guests!

Stormy, Send me more info...

Stormy will be contacting you soon!

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